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Register here for a special sneak preview from the lead teachers at Ireland’s only 3-day mind –body- spirit eco festival

~ Six Days Starting Monday 21st January 2013 ~

What is Flourish Fest 2013?

From Friday 17th May at 6pm to Sunday 19th May at 5pm, a unique, transformational event is taking place at Boutique Camping, Castletown Geoghegan, County Westmeath.

Flourish Fest 2013: Heal Yourself, Heal The World is a 3 day event when leading teachers, therapists, healers and musicians will join together to offer an amazing range of workshops, treatments and performances.

Keynote Speakers:

Harshada Wagner, Moira Geary, Kate Connon, Siobhan Bogues, Melissa West and Amanda Boyd

Musicians and Performers:

On Saturday evening we will enjoy and participate in Kirtan with musicians from Lake Island Retreats and the Govindas Centre, Dublin


A range of yoga, personal development, wellness and meditation workshops will be on offer

Would you enjoy a special sneak preview of what will be on offer at Flourish Fest?

Would you like to learn 1 key lesson from each of our lead teachers that you can put into practice right now?

Would you like to be part of Ireland’s first mind – body – spirit multi teacher telesummit?

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Please join us for this special Preview Telesummit Event!

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 For 6 nights we will have exclusive calls with Festival Leaders:

Day 1: Monday 21st January, 7:00-8:00 pm GMT

Guest Panelists:


Rachael Jayne Groover


Amanda Boyd


Rachael Jane Groover is a singer, inspirational speaker, and Founder of The YIN Project, an international community of women committed to their own personal and spiritual development, as well as supporting that in others. She is the creator of The Art of Feminine Presence classes and trainings, which are currently offered worldwide. These classes and trainings teach women how to develop their own personal presence and stage presence, and help them understand how important the feminine principle is in intimate relationships, in leadership, and in shifting our global consciousness.

Originally from Melbourne Australia, Rachael Jayne lives with her husband Datta and their cherished dog Hannah, in Northern Colorado.

Amanda Boyd is a trained coach, facilitator, Dru Yoga Teacher and licensed Art of Feminine Presence teacher.  She has worked in the personal development arena for many years having studied with many of the leading transformational teachers in the world.   Amanda in recent years has been more drawn to spiritual growth and recently founded Inner Solace, a heart centered business designed to help people find a deeper connection to themselves, to the Divine and to others.

Day 2: Tuesday 22nd January, 7:00-8:00 pm GMT

Guest Panelist:

Kate Cannon

Kate Cannon

Katherine (Kate) Connon

Kate Connon is a rather unusual healer, a skeptical one.

An ex Social Work Trainer from Belfast she lives in

Westport, Co Mayo.

In 1990 while managing day services for clients with learning disabilities Kate discovered that she was awakening a remarkable healing gift that allows her clients, her anam cara, a very personal and direct connection to God. Her book, Healing Visions, First aid for the Soul, chronicles her journey from sceptic to healer over ten wonder filled years. She is in the process of writing her second book, “Jesus wears Bright Green Wellies”.

Day 3: Wednesday 23rd January, 7:00-8:00 pm GMT

Guest Panelist:

 Moira Geary

Moira Geary

 Moira Geary, is known as the recombobulator. She recombobulates proactive people to positively change behavioural patterns that are stopping them from achieving success and freedom in all areas of their lives. She is the creator of Quantum Thinking Technologies which is a hybrid of personal development technologies that create profound and fast positive results, in other words they Recombobulate you!

 Day 4: Thursday 24th January, 7:00-8:00 pm GMT

Guest Panelists:  Praghosa Dasa


Praghosa Dasa                            Praghosa Dasa

Praghosa Dasa, a native of Dublin, Ireland, joined the ISKCON Soho Street temple in London in 1983. A year later he relocated to Dublin and took initiat ion from Satsvarupa Dasa Goswami. He spent the early part of his devotional career distributing Srila Prabhupada’s books, raising funds and managing temples in Belfast, the island of Inis Rath, and a rural community in Wicklow, Ireland. He established three Govindas restaurants in Ireland and is also the founder of the Kirtan Centre in Dublin.

Day 5: Friday 24th January, 7:00-8:00 pm GMT

Guest Panellist:

Dr. Melissa West


Melissa is the host of Namaste Yoga, voted Canada’s #1 Yoga Teacher 2012. She is loved as a devoted teacher known for her down to earth teaching style offering real yoga for real people internationally across the internet for the last three years. Melissa translates the esoteric ancient spiritual practices of yoga to her students in a way that is accessible, meaningful, engaging and enlightening.  She relates with the daily struggles of her students encouraging them to connect with their own inner wisdom for growth on and off the mat.  Dr. Melissa West has a bachelors in music, a masters of arts in music criticism, a Ph.D. in communications and cultural studies. Her yoga training began at Esther Myers in Toronto and she is a Certified Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist, Certified Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Teacher and Phoenix Rising Group Facilitator.

Day 6: Saturday 26th January, 7:00-8:00 pm GMT

Guest Panelist: Harshada Wagner

Harshada Wagner

Harshada Wagner

Harshada Wagner,  is a meditation teacher and spiritual leader who has dedicated his life to exploring human consciousness and the science of self-transformation.

Harshada is classically trained in the Indian wisdom traditions of Yoga, Bhakti, Vedanta, and Tantric Shaivism, but his teachings come from his 25 years of personal transformation and serving others to find their authentic path to deep happiness. He is the founder and current director of Living Meditation Inc. in the USA and Adhishtana Living in Mumbai, India. His teaching style is dynamic and unique, approachable to students from all walks of life.

Harshada has been teaching meditation and self-empowerment to people all over the world in all kinds of venues since 1994. In 2003, Harshada initiated a first-of-its-kind pilot program at Mount Sinai Children’s Hospital using meditation as a therapeutic modality for young patients and their parents. On the faculties of Kripalu and Omega Institute, he is a regular contributor to numerous on-line blogs and magazines, and is currently authoring a book on meditation and personal transformation.

Your Telesummit Host: 


Siobhan bnw Siobhan Bogues

About Siobhan:

Over the last 25 years Siobhan worked in a variety of leadership roles in the voluntary and sector in Northern Ireland, including most recently leading ARC a learning disability umbrella charity.

Alongside the day jobs Siobhan discovered the healing impact of yoga, meditation and personal development over the last 15 years during which life has been teaching her some interesting and challenging lessons.

As a result Siobhan is passionate about ensuring that a full range of effective healing tools and practices are available to everyone in Ireland who wishes to use them to support deep healing and a more joyful life.

She founded the Lighthouse Centre in Belfast to create a welcoming, healing space, especially for those who may not normally seek out such support. She also established the first Flourish Fest in 2012 and is proud to be this year’s Festival Director.

Siobhan is a qualified social worker and yoga teacher. She is a Master Usui Reiki practitioner and teacher and a licensed Art of Feminine Presence teacher.

Register here for the Telesummit!


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